Data-science tools for geoscientists

EarthNET is a web-based software as a service (SAAS) solution built for geoscientists. With EarthNET petrophysicists, geophysicists, geologists, seismic interpreters, and E&P generalists can easily leverage advanced AI and data-science technology to maximize the value of their data sets, and build strong foundations for making data-driven decisions.

Prediction of lithology, reservoir facies and quality (porosity and permeability) are key steps in hydrocarbon exploration. Reservoir quality parameters are among the main input data that are used to estimate hydrocarbon resources. Quantitative knowledge of the variations of these parameters spatially is crucial for successful risk and volume estimation. Data derived from core and wireline logs have been routinely used as the main inputs to estimate reservoir quality and classify rock types. Traditionally this is done by teams of multiple experts, with processes that require lots of judgement and manual tuning of parameters.


With Earth NET you can, without writing a single line of code, apply workflows using a series of machine-learning models and geological constraints to predict sub-surface properties and reservoir architecture.

You can predict reservoir properties directly from wire-line logs and core data, and predict reservoir properties directly from elastic properties, partial stacks or pre-stack data.

AI-assisted reservoir characterization

The ultimate goal of reservoir-property prediction is to provide 3D models of the subsurface, reflecting reservoir architecture and quality properties and their associated uncertainty.

The workflows initially apply a series of machine-learning regression and classification techniques to infer porosity, permeability, and sedimentary facies based on well logs. The machine learning methods enable use of all available, and relevant, well data in the study,.Accuracy is shown to increase as more data is added. You can apply various measures and metrics for model evaluation, such as blind tests, to build confidence in your results.

The output of these models provides highly reliable reservoir-property data for the entire reservoir sections, and not just along the intervals from which you have ground truth data, such as cored intervals. When you build models using a combination of well data and seismic data you can generate 3D reservoir property models. You can efficiently do scenario analysis to explore the uncertainty of your output properties, by efficiently building multiple sets of models that match different input data from various geological contexts.

Query your data set with respect to the geological context of your area of interest, be it a play, a prospect, a field or a reservoir segment. Extract data-driven property distributions that correspond to the geology you are evaluating to better understand uncertainty.

Seismic interpretation with deep learning

Boost your seismic interpretation with deep learning. Leverage semi-supervised learning and transfer learning, to "bootstrap" model training with seismic data in combination with other sub-surface data.


Integrated data management and analytics

Earth Science Analytics provides high quality data-driven petroleum-geoscience solutions to clients in the E&P industry. Our solutions enable petroleum geoscience teams to work more efficiently, with greater precision and at lower cost compared to what can be achieved through traditional methods. Our solution consists of four integrated parts which together ensure that we can make – data driven, and ultimately more profitable decisions.

Theses components are:
EarthBANK, which gives access to large, quality-controlled data sets
EarthNET, our AI powered data analytics software
EarthGRAPH, our data visualization tool, and
EarthINSIGHT,  decision support tools that bridge the gap between data and decision makers.





Maximize the value of your data

Improve exploration and production success through geoscience-driven data-analytics software, database solutions and workflows.

We are continuously researching and developing new functionality that we deploy in Earth NET. We are here to help you get maximum value from your data. Contact us to discuss use-cases you have, so that we may integrate new solutions in our products.