Earth Science Analytics'

Data, and data management is the foundation of successful data analytics

The petroleum industry uses large amounts of complex data in the search for oil and gas. The industry is unanimous that these large data sets are underutilized. Currently available methods do not enable efficient and accurate analysis of all this data.  This calls for entirely new methods for data analytics. What if we could use all the data to make more profitable decisions?
How can we make such decisions driven by all the data? Earth Science Analytics’ solution is to integrate data science in the petroleum geoscience workflow.


is to improve exploration and production success by providing geoscience-driven data-analytics software, database solutions and workflows.

Earth Science Analytics provides high quality data-driven petroleum-geoscience solutions to clients in the E&P industry. Our solutions enable petroleum geoscience teams to work more efficiently, with greater precision and at lower cost compared to what can be achieved through traditional methods. Our solution consists of four integrated parts which together ensure that we can make – data driven, and ultimately more profitable decisions.

Theses components are:
EarthBANK, which gives access to large, quality-controlled data sets
EarthNET, our AI powered data analytics software
EarthGRAPH, our data visualization tool, and
EarthINSIGHT,  decision support tools that bridge the gap between data and decision makers.





EarthBANK is a data platform that hosts all types of geoscience data

In the EarthBANK data platform we have structured vast amounts of data from national data repositories such as Diskos (Norway) and CDA (UK). Integration with EarthNET enable users to access structured data such as; wireline logs, core data, and seismic data, and use this to build models to infer properties of interest such as lithology, porosity, permeability, and fluid saturation. When these properties have been inferred the data is written back to EarthBANK which thus becomes a rich repository of rock and fluid property data. Users can query EarthBANK for rock and fluid property distributions that mach the geological context of the play, prospect or field that is being evaluated. This access to data-driven rock- and fluid-property distributions enables data-driven uncertainty evaluation and decision support in EarthINSIGHT.

Clients can add their proprietary data to their own copy of EarthBANK, so that they can leverage a comprehensive database of all their geoscience data.